Vintage Birdcages: Home tweet Home

Meet Victor and Vivian.....

I think this is Victor but I'm really not all that sure.....
They live with us in the family room, in their own little slice of 
vintage  birdcage heaven
When I got these from the pet store, I was told they were a "singing Finch"

Well they sure do look like a Finch,
 but as for the singing part....not so much!

You can still find many similar little vintage cages on EBay 
or more elaborate houses on 1stdibs...
but they really have wonderful charm and uniqueness 

Vic and Viv seem quite happy here...although they have managed to escape a couple of times, yes I left the door open
They really do chirp up a storm in the morning and are very fun to watch.
Sort of like bird gymnastics.

And the cage is pretty too!
Maybe a new little family member for you?


  1. Oh Kelley! When I first met Scott he had Ceasar, a Sun Conure from the tropics. It wasn't a large parrot, but had the typical tropical parrot colors and carried this shrill sound that was quite deafening. His cage wasn't nearly as beautiful as vic and viv's, but he unfortunately didn't like the northern winters, so no more birds for us. :( I have wanted to get a couple of old ornate cages for the top of my cabinet in the living room - what do you think??

  2. How sweet, I love little birdies, we have a canary, but i've always loved finches, and sometimes it's a good thing when they don't sing, some mornings we are up near dawn by singing birdies, haha
    And thanks for the info about the vintage cages, I've been wondering where to get one for sometime now, So much character.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. ...I grew up with Budgies...and would love to have a "singing" bird now....especially if I could have a cage like yours!....
    I think Grace & Jetta would love us to have a birdie too!(our cats!)

  4. I saw this huge, gorgeous birdcage in Maine last week with beautiful chippy paint in a few hues of turquioise. It was amazing. But this friend of mine says "What a joke. All that money and it STILL needs a good paint job!" I wanted to die at the thought of that happening.

  5. I grew up with birds, parakeets, and for some reason my Dad always gave them the same name - Jips. We've actually looked at a few antique birdcages in the last year or so hoping to one day have one in our new home...filled with birds or, one big bird!

    Victor & Vivian are adorable and I love that they're funny. Have you tried singing to them? Maybe they just need a little coaxing. ;)
    xo J~

  6. Love the cheerful little birds in their wonderful cage. I love old cages too. We always had a JavaTemple (named Sparky-lol) and he had about 3 or 4 different little songs that he knew. I always loved listening to him and was sad when we found him gone one morning. Thanks for the reminder of him- Diana

  7. Oh, you are a girl after my own heart... I have vintage birdcages everywhere.. I did a post on them last week... I hope you will come over and check them out. PS I'm trying to talk my husband into a pair of quiet birds!!

  8. I really love the aqua blue one!! So cute:)

  9. Parakeets and parrots are so wonderful to watch! We have flocks of small green parrots fly over our house almost daily...such racket!!! But I get still excited each time I hear or see them. (One of the perks to living here in coastal FL) My neighbor has 4 large parrots...I feel transported to some Caribbean island each time I hear them...Margarita, anyone?
    Jane (artfully graced)

  10. HI Kelley,

    I was just talking to my mom about bird cages the other day. I said we need to get a few in the rooster! Viv & Vic... are pretty cute!


  11. I love all of your bird stories... just about every body has has a bird for a pet at some point in their life.

    I love the cages all by themselves too!

    xo kelley

  12. We used to have a budgie called Blanche! She was a little bitch! But we loved her anyway. I have a collection of birdcages-some old and some new. Maybe it's time to bring them out again. Vic and Viv are really cute!

  13. OHHH your finches are just lovely! Your cage is GORGEOUS too! A few years back we had 2 Zebra Finches and 2 Society 8 months we had 20 FINCHES!!! Zebras are like RABBITS! ;-) We didn't know that when we started but the funny thing is that Society finches like to "foster" so the Zebras would have the babies and the Societies would take care of them. It was a wonderful experience for our children to see, until we ended up with soooo many! ;-)

  14. If I had birds in a beautiful vintage birdcage I would have to have 3 - one for each of my cats to chase...I mean look at! ;-)

  15. They're so cute...I have a canary named Otis and he sings up a storm...if your looking for a bird with a beautiful song...get yourself a make canary. Oh...and I just adore your cute.

  16. That sounds like such a fun idea. My kids would LOVE to have birds and with a gorgeous cage like that I would too!! ;)


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