Fabric Ideas for Pillows: take your imagination on vacation

A quickie follow up post 
Here are a few shots of the pillows made from vintage fabric purchased from 
The black floral was actually very thin because of the age, so we needed to line the front with additional plain black cotton.  
It's an added expense so it's something to think about when buying really old fabrics.
  The french ticking looks really pretty on the back and sides
The bright Indienne floral is circa 1900, but the brown and salmon colors are very rich and perfect for today.  
You could probably put these on an all white bed and they would really pop!  
Or how about with dark brown walls...oh yea!

The key note spice colors are great with the chocolate brown
And so apparent in this fabric
This is color "Mink"
from Benjamin Moore 
More spice and Mediterranean colors
but...you can use blue too

So take your imagination on a vacation and add some spice to your design

And all from a bunch of pillows!

  1. Love all the display of color. It sure makes me think of Fall...cozied up and toasty warm. Don't you LOVE the name MINK for a color? It just sounds so rich! Diana

  2. gorgeous pillows!!!! your blog inspires me. Catherine!

  3. kelley,

    i'm starting to sound like a broken record here but i really think you do color so well. i really love this look. you da best!


  4. Loved this post, Kelley! I love the vintage fabric and your pairing of spice colors with the brown - I'm doing that right now in my living room! :) And having a ton of fun doing it, too! :)

  5. I think the double sided pillow is great because it gives you the instant ability to change the look of a room!

  6. ~*~* LOVE your beautiful blog! Thanks for all the inspiration!!~*~* Rachel

  7. Kelly, I've been waiting to see the pillow results--thanks for sharing! I'm inspired to call the seamstress. Allegra

  8. Hi Diana...yes I think I love Mink too

    Catherine: thank you!

    Janet, Artie and Carol: you guys can do these pillows in your sleep!

    Hi Rachael...so happy to have you here too

    And Allegra....I thought more pillow talk might be boring, but maybe not after all....: ) kelley

  9. Gorgeous! Amazing how those vibrant colors have held up through time!

  10. Oh the color...Just gorgeous. I love the fabrics soooo much. I read that you love to dig in the dirt as well. Isn't it the best?!
    Your blog is beautiful Kelley.

  11. I'm in pillow love!!!!
    I want them all ...

    my sewing machine is hummin'
    getting ready for my shop the shed event!

  12. You do color so right...gorgeous pillows.


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