What Inspires You?


  1. What inspires me? All of the above! Beautiful. I felt downright giddy on a few of those pics.

    What inspires me the most though? A palette shopping mall as I call them. You know... the boneyards out back of any biz that collects old palettes. I love to browse my way through and dream on what I'd create with them. Like I did this weekend on my new desk! I just love salvaged stuff. :)

    palette desk

  2. You've got some great shots here!

  3. Beautiful shots.. each one a great stand alone story. I especially love the Crystal Cove picture... I wish I was there!!

  4. Your blog inspires me!

    Why just today I found the most perfect glass bottle in a crate at a thrift store! And guess where I'm going tomorrow? To the lighting shop to have it turned into a lamp - just like you inspired me to do!

    Thank yoU!

  5. Search your photo gallery...

    I would suspect every one has one great photo to inpire us all from this last summerl....share please! xxkelley

    send to:


  6. e v e r y t h i n g

    n a t u r e


    beautiful photos!

  7. hi kelley,

    that shot of the red geraniums on the white picket fence kills.

    you and i are on the same wavelength a lot of the time. why do you think that is?

    i'm working on a complilation of summer shots. no kidding. they aren't as good as these but it's the same idea. great minds.


  8. Hi Kelley,
    Every one of your photos inspires me. I just started a photo journal where I intend to post a photo every day. Hopefully, it will help me grow as a photographer. I know just the inspirational summer photo to send you. I think you will say "ahhh" when you see it. To me it is quintessential summer!

  9. Hi Kelley,

    You want to know what inspires me...really???? Well, where to start, I have to say linen, I LOVE LINEN and the thought of decorating everything within an inch of it's life calms me. Some of the photo's above really resounded with me. The rusty decorative final and the loop next to it. The colour of the peaches..the many colours of the sky especially at sunset. I often look at the beautiful colours that nature provides and feel so lucky just to be alive. The cushions, love those striped ones. Flowers are so timeless and especially love the hydrangeas! I think when on holiday, the colours can be a spirit boost also. Different places have their own smells, I've been in rainforests and the air is so pure, that I have just stood there and inhaled breath after breath thinking people in smog countries will never know what pure fresh air feels and smells like. Love when the lawns are freshly mown, the smell of the lawns takes me back to my childhood on a Saturday afternoon, when they were done at Mum and Dad's house, anticipating the next episode of 'A Young Talent Time'. Any Aussie reading this will know what I mean!!!! As always, great post. Hope you are having a great start to your week!!
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  10. I love all of the images you shared with us!
    Very inspiring!
    I love looking at old barns, lighthouses, and old farmhouses.

    I hope you are having a great week!
    Take Care,

  11. Every image is inspiring!! I have to admit the Crystal Cove picture reminded me of that particularly great couple of postings.

  12. The coast or the lake, great design blogs (such as yours!), design magazines, beautiful gardens, visiting homes with great interior design.
    Your pics are fab Kelley!

  13. rusty bucket handles, fresh tomatoes and lunch by the sea.

  14. Hi Kelley,

    Your blog inspires me!!! Your home is gorgeous... And your house in Ojai as well!

    Linda in San Diego

    P.S. I just love taking a day trip up to the Newport area. Corona del Mar is such a lovely town!

  15. Amazing photography is certainly at the top of the list!! ;)


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