You say Tomato: I say....

I may have mentioned this on an earlier post...
 at the beginning of  spring I planted a few tomato plants in my veggie garden

 In a few short months....this! 

 favorites:  early girl, sweet million, roma, heirloom egg yolk, 
heirloom brandywine, heirloom green zebra
The big round green thing on the left is a Sugar Baby watermelon

The Japaneese eggplant and mini peppers have won me over too
 "Anna's" apples below, are a beautiful pinkish blush with lime green

Its always nice to plant a few sunflower seeds...these are really easy and pop up in about 4 weeks
Making a little pasta tonight....

And I think I might need to learn how to "put up"  a few jars of these


  1. OMgosh I am in awe of your harvest!! What amazing photos.. everything looks delicious. I have been wanting to plant veggies but we have so many wild rabbits, I wonder what would be left for me?

    Have a great dinner tonight!! I'm so hungry now!

  2. ~*~*They look amazing!!My 11 year old LOVES tomatoes..I think he prefers them to! Just wish I could grow them as well as you~~*Blessngs, Rachel ;)

  3. There is nothing better than a home grown tomato. Looks like your plants did really well and your photos are wonderful.
    xo, Sherry

  4. WOW! I am definitely impressed! I didn't grow a single tomato this year! You grew them in abundance! My granddaughters LOVE tomatoes. I don't think you could have forced me to eat one when I was a kid...although I will say that my mother used to slice them and serve them with sugar. What a healthy salad THAT was! Diana

  5. Thanks for the wonderful comments...but please don't be too impressed. I have alot of tomato plants, about 11 to be exact. Two died and I am harvesting the rest like a mad woman. I haven't used any pesticides and have given them over to the king of the cut worms. But the good ones are really good.

    Diana, tomato's with sugar? Interesting : )


  6. kelley,

    why aren't we neighbors? warm tomato sandwiches and prosecco for lunch.


    mickey d's? - oh lord girl.

  7. Hi Kelley,

    Your tomatoes look great. I have given up buying tomatoes here at the moment as they go off before I can use them and the taste is somewhat lacking!!!!
    Hope you're having a great week.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  8. Stunning! I Love love love heirloom tomatoes! What a gorgeous bounty you have!

  9. Brandywine and zebras are my favorite kinds - but this year I planted romas and something called a "mortgage lifter" and a bunch of cherries. Harvest was low this year despite the perfect weather in the northeast. I didn't give feeding enough priority. (They are in huge pots!)
    There is always next year!


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